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We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Ollee and Kindle in New Zealand and the third largest tablet distributor in NZ, behind Samsung and Apple.

We are a trusted partner of Microsoft, permitted since 2014 to create OEM products specific to the NZ market using the Windows operating system.

Using our contacts in electronics and manufacturing, we can also create custom solutions for businesses and education providers.



Product iLife

iLIFE is one of the leading robotic vacuum cleaner companies which manufactures robot vacuums that help people to enjoy a clean home in a more efficient way.
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Products kindle

The worlds most popular e-reader by Amazon.
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Products ollee

Brought to life with the best manufacturers from around the world combined with leading software from Microsoft. These tablets punch above their weight and offer great value.
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Products custom

Customise your product through branding, software, hardware, covers or a combination of them all.
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